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Refrigerator grow Box

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by NextGen, Jan 5, 2005.

  1. I need some info on clasic style Refrigerators , like where I can cut vent holes (no freon messes). If anybody knows anything on this let me know plz. thanks [​IMG]

    I want to to use it as a germinator, cloner and veg box then transfer them to a closet (flower room). So this way I always have plants vegging ready to to go in the flower room. Hydroponics all the way [​IMG]

    This URL gives very little info on fridge grows but shows it can be done.
  2. just pull out the refridgeration unit and cut vent holes wherever you like... pretty much all fridges are setup abit different... its not rocket science, just pull it apart.... :smoking:
  3. cool.:smoke: I can rip shit apart
  4. thats the spirit! now start rippin something appart...although I'd try and keep the bottom area where all the motors, etc. are at as original looking ass possible and use the space under there for air cleaners, vent outlets, maybe even vented ballasts and whatnot...
  5. That's a good idea john. I was even thinking of that space down there. If that work, Man It would be stealthy.
  6. this isnt the smartest idea, being they are heavy, takes 2 people to move them most of the time. But Newspaper boxes. The newspaper companies have 1000's of them in stock so if someone (like myself) steals one and turns it into a grill :) which works great. But it is metal, yes, and that doesn mean some heat, the window in the front you can put some poster board over, and they are about 3' tall. But those have a huge empty spot at the top once you get it open. The coin retun slot acts for a great place to mount a switch or run your wires out of. and the door, when the coin mech. is taken out, will freely open so you can see your baby. I would only put 2 or 3 in there max to start out, but it is a very low profile grow box, could put it on your pack porch if needed.

    Just an idea, dont get caught for something stupid liek that, and if you do plan on doing this try to find a newspaper rack not in front of a dunkin donuts. There are lots of porkers out there.

    Blaze Up! Grow Freely!
  7. It's fire proof. Couldn't be a better idea.
  8. I'd really like to know about the freon system in those.. I'd love to start ripping shit outta mine, but I can't move it to a more ventilated spot. Should I be ok with this? Or should I think of something else?
  9. why dont you just turn the on the warmest out of the coldest (lmao) and hook up a light in it?
    you might get some purp too
  10. you guy's crack me up :smoke: gl on your fridge grow dude!!

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