Refridgerator Grow Cab..

Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by Lashu, Jun 15, 2013.

  1. has anyone built one of these ? one that still works would be even better.. was thinking of a 400 watt HPS and 6 inch fan a carbon filter and cooltube... any ideas ?

  2. lol u nub.. why would u put that here.
  3. what do you mean >?
  4. You both noobs. 400w in a mini fridge is do-able.. But it wont be stealthy. You will be making so much noise u wont be able too hide it... Jus trying to cool that 400w. Search in micro grows or just search.. a 250w would be too much for me.
    Good luck
  5. first off i dont see anywhere i said the word "mini". i have a full size fridge thats working.. the 400 is installed and its the grow is coming along nicely.. it does make a lil noise but its easy to cool the fridge since i just use the thermostat on the fridge to help balance the temp.. i have a few grows under my belt so im not a noob..


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