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reform our education!!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Renji Elric, May 13, 2010.

  1. Have you seen the film Michael Moore Hates America?
  2. No, but I've seen the film No One Cares About Michael Moore. My scripts are apolitical.
  3. That's got to be tough if you're educating people, sharing your philosophies and all the while not putting people to sleep.

    That's what Michael Moore tried to do and he created an evil method of film making. It's a good doc, I recommend it.
  4. Well, you are not realizing that we form reality within ourselves.
    We are ultimately creating our own reality every moment.
    The world around you stems from inside you.

    So you change yourself, where you resonate, than you change the world in a more powerful way than you could ever by manipulating things within the external world.
    Many people throughout history have done this--Gandhi being one of the most well known I will use him as an example. He freed an entire nation by resonating within a single emotion--"love [or peace if you prefer]". Not even when the external world seemed to just be striking back with great force did he stop resonating within it. And know what happen? It spread like wild-fire through his country and you know the rest...

    So if we attack any issue by starting with in ourselves and then by simply spreading awareness of this ability, you change everything in a very powerful way.

    A lot of people are calling this the "Law of Attraction" or "The Secret"--although it is being marketing in a very shallow way, it is essentially the same ability.

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