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  1. i need to build two reflectors...

    1 for a 150w hps

    another for a 400w hps

    i think i will use anodized aluminium, but is there a particular shape i should do or something i should know before starting

  2. Mine are one side white, one side aluminium(not polished)

    but i can't choose which side...

    1-the white one: i'm not sure if the paint they use will resist the intense heat from a 150w and a 400w hps

    2-the aluminium side looks good but not as "mirror" as yours looks... i think it's anodized aluminium

    what do you think...

  3. hey woody, or anyone else who built their own reflector...

    my growroom in the works is 3ft by 3ft.. a complete square in which im growing 9 plants..

    the problem i have is that i need to build a reflector for my 430 watt son agro HID to match the 3X3 square of my garden... and i have NO clue how to build one that doesnt have a hot spot...

    i dont want any hotspots and i would like to have even light distribution throughought the garden...

    could anyone who knows how to build an efficient and effective reflector for a square garden help me out here?

    thx tons!

    peace and karma,

  4. almost forgot.. whats a "gull wing insert"?????

    heres why im wondering(quote from overgrow faq):

    "...the reflector should be small (for reasons already stated) and should be well designed with a gull wing insert which uses a quality baked-on white enamel..."

    also, where would i pick up a "corrosion resistant specular aluminium insert" and what is it?

    thx for all your help ppl!

    peace and karma,

  5. wont mylar burn up if placed beside a 430 watt HID for 18 hours???

    im using it all over my walls, but i havent heard you can put it in a hood...

    pece and karma,


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