Reflector Set-up for 3x6 Trays

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Set-up #1 or #2

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  1. My buddy and I are setting up 4 flood trays side by side in his house for a perpetual cycle and we need suggestions! i made 2 diagrams to show our dilemma…

    We would much rather use setup #1 because the ventilation would be cleaner looking but the problem with setup #1 is the long side of the bulb would be lined up with the long side of the tray... so i feel like the plants in the middle of the tray between the reflectors won’t be receiving much light

    the problem with set up #2 is there’d have to be loose ventilation for when the plants have height differences which id rather not have because it looks messy plus I’m trying to keep the lights as close as possible to the plants which is why i want big reflectors, so the plants don’t block each others light with their shadows.

    so should i do setup #1 or #2? and which reflector? the reflector measurements are in the pictures. if theres any other reflectors you’d recommend for my situation let me know!

    we’re doing single cola s.o.g with phantom II ballasts and hortilux bulbs and the trays will be no more than 6-12 inches apart

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