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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by krly, Jun 19, 2004.

  1. Hello, I need some tips on designing/building a reflector. I'll be using a 150w HPS. The scrog screen is 16"x27". The distance from the screen to the cabinet roof is 18". Can (should) the lite/reflector be permenently attached to the roof ? Any ideas as to size and shape of reflector to get max coverage ? All help appreciated..Thanks........krly
  2. A bunch of people do attach the light/reflector to the ceiling. That is a pain-in-the-ass way to go about it but it can work. I've even heard some people talk about the fixed light is the only way to go for scrog, because they need the early strecth.

    I would try to make it adjustable, just incase. I believe the more things that are in your control, the more control you have. (Well with growing atleast, that's not very good life advice).

    I've seen alot of people using baking pans (like the foil-ish kind that you could cook a roast in) as make shift reflectors.

    Oh check this out. :D This is probally you're best bet.

    Alright, well I hope this helps. Welcome to the board and we appericate you doing your research first. I've never seen anybody with one post that's grow plan has exactly 50 per sqaure foot. Impressive.

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