Reflector + ballast wiring

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  1. Hey everyone! So i got [​IMG] a ballast for my 600w hps lamp. Im just realy confused about the wiring. If anyone could help me out because i want this to be safely wired . [​IMG]
    Is this correct? And where does the other end go to? My reflector just has two places for the wires , L&N .[​IMG]

    But here comes the bit i get confused, where do i plug in the wires for my plug?
    And where does the other end go into?


    Thanks in advance

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  2. That diagram is pretty shitty for joe home owner...fotunately for you I'm a if you follow fron the A & N....those dots are your termination points. Looks like you have supply cord hooked up...perfect. Now take the remaining cord and on ballast end connect under same terminal...both blue wires. Connect both greens under same terminal...Connect brown to terminal marked 'lamp'. Firtst flip over the lamp end and look for green screw or where the green (grouning) wire went. That's where the green should go. Match other colors..brown to brown...done.
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  3. Thanks! When it comes to electricity and wires i rather ask than do something wrong and screw up expensive equipment !

    I'm going to give it a try in about two hours, ill let u know how it went .

    I ordered this set from a growshop here in Spain, packaging was crap and they didnt even give me a set of instructions how to connect this .

    Well anyway thank you @justalilcrazy!

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  4. No prob...if you have questions...I'll chk back and hit you up for a place to stay if i come your way...haha
  5. Hey i done something wrong ,

    So i connected the other end of the cable(the one i plugged into the ballast) to the reflector (the brown in brown and blue in blue) the green one i cant plug in into the reflector as it only has L & N (blue and brown). .

    The cable with the plug (for the socket) i plugged it in blue into the blue terminal of the ballast and green into the green of the ballast and the brown one into Lamp. But when i plug it in its not working .

    Could you help me out once more please ???

    [​IMG] , so these cables you see are the one of my ballast to my reflector and the cable with the plug from the ballast (but brown is plugged into Lamp) .



    This foto shows the cable from the ballast to the reflector (green is not plugged into a terminal on the reflector) .

    I would be so grateful if u could point me out the right direction, or if u already did in the previous comment , sorry for my low knowledge of electricity haha .

    So when u come over here ill make it up with some good blazin !

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  6. Both greens at ballast go under terminal marked gnd (ground)...looks like you have both blues and ground under N terminal.. that could short at other end if it touches something. There's no ground terminal, but is there a green ground screw? If not tape that bare green at lamp as it could short to one of the hot wires. Almost looks like the 2 holes next to lamp terminals could serve as ground location. Lemme know if that works

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  7. Hey man! After reading your advice over and over i finaly managed to make it work . It all made sense in the end haha

    Thanks for your help! Much apreciated! Got some purple bud, moby dick and master kush growing now

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  8. Sweet...glad I could help ...I'll look u up if I'm ever in Spain

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