Reflective paint?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by danlou84, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. Rather that using Mylar or w/e are there any reflective paints?

  2. Flat white paint reflects light very well...
  3. Yeah just white paint.
  4. Could I line the walls with aluminium foil my grow house is inside a 6foot locker not really to practical to paint the inside

  5. Do not use aluminum foil....

    For one, it is less reflective...fairly poor actually. Also, it refuses to lay perfectly flat, causing your reflected light to be uneven. This leads to hot spots where more reflected light is directed to one area. These hot spots can burn your plants...

    If you have to line your area, use mylar or panda film...
  6. Just be ghetto and hang up printer paper like me.
  7. Thanks a lot word I think I'm gonna with the mylar or panda film....but how does the cpu paper work in a humid house cause I could use paper for my seedlings house to save some money until I get a more perminent location.
  8. hoping the feedback was right. I went flat white crazy on my new box!
  9. Thanks brow made children thank you Ignorantfool

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