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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by jonneyblaze, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. hey,

    im currently buying supplies for my grow and was wondering, i went to home depot the other day and they had mylar mirrors, is that the mylor i want? or is it different. I know mirrors are bad because they absorb light but im not sure.

    anyone with knowlege please help!!
  2. no dont use that not sure if it works but why risk it? get the mylar that you can hang up on walls and stuff... comes in rolls...

    EDIT got a pic!

    here ya go
  3. wait... thats what youre supposed to use to reflect the light? not foil? i used aluminum foil xD
  4. kaliberrr, no you can use foil also, its just that mylar is more effective if you choose to spend teh money...not that expensive in the first place, but every buck adds up
  5. flat white paint or plastic = better than aluminum foil.

    mylar = better than everything.
  6. The best stuff I have found are EMERGENCY BLANKETS. You can find them at Wal-MArt for like $3.00 for one that is 52"X84". They are awesome and cheep.
  7. absolutely. I think foil is a complete waste of time. It creates hot spots and refracts light all over theplace.
  8. I tried those but they were so damn wrinkled up from their packaging that they refracted too much light. It's easier and more effective to just use a roll, IMHO.
  9. You can go to the dollar store and pick up some mylar . But it will say mylar wrapping paper it's real shiny get the silver stuff it works great for me. Cheap as well. Will be in the wrapping paper section.

  10. I've never had that problem. I just pull it tight with tape.
  11. foil is a cheap altrnative,,,,,, im upgrading my walls soon,,, i live near a mobile home sales lot,,,,and noticed they had a great quantiy of the white plastic they wrap the homes in,,im going up there later to get me some of it,,, ill be one stapler gun shooting mo-fo tonight,,,any reflection is better than none,,,,, although the foil also reflects the u/v rays also,,,,,,,go with flat white paint and upgrade as time and $ permit,,:cool:

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