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  1. has anyome ever tried using mirrors in your grow box
  2. mirrors are extremly ineffeciant
    use mylar or paint the surroundings white

  3. I'm building my first grow box while waiting on my seeds to come in, and I am using a big ass mirror directly opposite the bulbs at a 45 degree angle so all the extra stray light gets reflected back into the box.

    I thought this was a great idea. Why do you say mirrors are inefficient? White paint won't reflect as much light as a mirror, its practically 100% reflection. Hell aluminum foil is suggested often, and you can make our your reflection in foil, but not nearly as good as a mirror.

    So, I just want for you or someone to explain why/if I should take out the mirror. Seems like the mirror would be the best, not the worst.
  4. The glass on the mirrors absorbs light and only reflects around 30% or something close to that. If you get good quality mylar, your getting 98% reflicivity
  5. Wow, i never knew that. Thats freakin crazy. Thanks for the info, I checked out mylar and you can get a 4x10 foot sheet of it for under 20 bucks shipped. (on ebay)
  6. Home Depot sells Reflectix in a 2' and 4' roll for $20-42. Its 95% reflective, made over bubble wrap for durability and noise reduction.
  7. Household mirrors are only about 65-80% reflective. A flat bright white painted surface reflects more, about 85%. Mylar even more, 90+%. And by mylar I mean horticulture grade not space blankets...

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