Reflective Material

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ViiRuS, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. Is it 100% needed? I am in a situation that makes it very hard to install any mylar around my stealth grow, advice? I've heard of people growing without reflectives, is it possible?

  2. more light is better
  3. If you cant use mylar try and get one of those car windsheild reflector's/ sunshades, even some dollar stores have them, they are easier to install and crinkle far less, also they have sorta diffuse reflection which lessens hotspots, and if you cant get that then flat white paint is better than nothing, alot better actually. something like 75-80% reflective? Growing without them is do able but it deffinately doenst make the most of your lighting which in the end lessens yeild..
  4. Pant the walls white or don't use any reflective material you don't really need it but it does help just don't use tin foil but ya probley all ready no that
  5. What about your situation makes installing mylar so hard? The bigger challenges for stealth are the space itself, odor, fan noise, and your tending to the plants, installing mylar should not present stealth issues larger than that.

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