Reflections in Dreams

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  1. I had a dream the other day, in which I could see my reflection. [In my dream] I couldn't breath through my left nostril, so I started trying to clear it as hard as I could, but no matter what I couldn't. It then puffed up to like twice it's size and "felt" really weird. I went to the mirror to see what was up, and I could easily see my reflection with my red, inflated nose, still unable to breathe right.

    Right about then I started waking up and found that I was laying on the left side of my face, blocking my nose from breathing :laughing:

    I remember hearing you aren't supposed to see your reflection in your dreams, so I was curious if this was true, and why I may have seen mine...
  2. I saw mine also... im sure anythings possible in a dream righT?
  3. Well supposedly you can't adjust light levels, other than that, I'm not sure, I don't become lucid often enough to try everything :)
  4. I had a dream I was hacking up peanut butter nonstop for ten minutes in my bathroom sink and couldn't breathe. I woke up sitting up gasping for air. I gotta quit smokin squares..
  5. At times I tell my self im dreaming and I know that I am but its hard to control what goes on but I've done it multiple times.
  6. I'm not so sure that any of the things you "can't" do in dreams are actual impossibilities. Rather, just things which generally can't be done, but really could be.
  7. I also saw my reflection in a dream once but my visage was monstrously disfigured, I was so scared by my facade that I woke up clutching my face while dashing to the nearest mirror. My heart was ready to rip apart my chest but soon became more pacified when I realised that I just had a dream and that my handsome looks was once again restored.

    Oh and once I had a dream where me and one of my favourite rappers, "The Big Boss" Rick Ross were hanging out and farting ... fireballs ... into the air ... it was fantastic ... it was like the 4th of July.

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