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Reflection on my younger self.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by BiiGxT, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. So, as I was cleaning out my pipe the other day, I finished up, filled it up and sprinkled a little res on top (Not what I always do, but I had A LOT of res.) And I was thinking, when I was younger, I used to smoke about 3 or 4 bowls every 5 hours. I would be fuuucked up for a good 3 hours, then be coming down for 2. Now, on weekends when I have no prior events, I smoke a bowl every hour, sit on my back deck, and watch the wildlife in a beautiful back river behind my house. It's got 3 different kinds of cranes, swans, geese, fish, bald eagles, you name it! And I just relax. But, when I was a kid, I used to just go and eat, play video games, eat, and repeat. In a way, I think I have matured as a weed smoker.

    What do you guys think about yourselves? Notice any changes?

    (if you could, don't post with "Only been smoking 1 year, STILL GOING STRONG!" only matured smokers please.. :))
  2. I feel like I use weed for more of a medicine the older I get. I dont really like getting "blasted" like I used to.
  3. Only been smoking 1 year, STILL GOING STRONG!
  4. Well, I started meditating... it sounds small, but it's a big deal to me I guess.
  5. After many years of smoking, I learned about vaporizing.

    I bought myself a Volcano Classic and my girlfriend a Silver Surfer Vaporizer.

    If you simply go to FC Vaporizer Review Forum or spend a few minutes on Google, you will no doubt find that vaporizing is a healthier and more efficient way to get stoned than smoking.

    Unless you grow many plants (which I hope everyone has a chance to do one day), or your lungs are made of iron, I'm not sure how vaporization can't be regarded as a smart investment for any cannabis connoisseur.

  6. I know how that is man. I've gotten through some of the toughest moments while high, since I was just able to shut out the world, and contemplate on my thoughts. It works real well anywhere I go, now I want to figure out a way to do that sober as well. I feel it could lead to an even more mature 'sober' us.

  7. I understand 100%. It's changed who I am as a person, and only for the better.
  8. where do you live? sounds nice. but yeah man you are doing it right!
  9. I recently moved across the U.S. from Florida to Maine, and I learned alot about my self with the help of Mary J. I didn't know alot of people, and the few I had met where the wrong kinds of people. So basically it helped me "discover" my self. Ive been through alot of changes up here, and man I wonder where id be right now, and how I would view my self without ever smoking. Keep blazin blades :smoke:

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