Reflection Eternal(talib kweli+hi-tek) - Revolutions Per Minute

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    Talib Kweli + Hi-Tek album...leaked today deff worth checking out and even buying

    [ame=]YouTube - Reflection Eternal "Strangers (Paranoid)" Official Music Video[/ame]

  2. Cant wait!! pickin this n distant relatives up on the same day n just guna chill n listen

    [ame=]YouTube - Reflection Eternal Just Begun f. Jay Electronica, J. Cole & Mos Def [CDQ][/ame]

    Love that song, especially since J.cole n Jay Electronica got on it. good looks on that
  3. yea i just finished listening to the whole album...shit is dope as fuck

    i think the next album im waiting on is Reef the Lost Cauze v.s. Gunz-n-Butter - "Fight Music"
  4. Lovin this album, Hi-tek really did his shit on here i guess Dre really did leave a mark on him cus every beat is hot! Not as good as their first album but its still a dope album


    Favorite Songs: City Playgrounds,Ballad of the Black Gold, Lifting Off, Ends, Just Begun

    Fuck it all the songs are my favorite haha
  5. This album is sooooo dope.

    The joint with J. cole, Jay elec, Mos def, Hi-tek and Kweli is so ill.
  6. i fuckin love this album...classic
  7. still havent copped the physical cd, although ive heard most of the songs.

    just begun has been on at least one of my cd's a week since it dropped like 4-5 months ago lol
  8. album is dope as hell.

    "i try to listen but they borin as missionary position
    so i'm shittin' on these n!ggas like dysentary conditions"

    "i juxtapose my business mind with my spirit
    what i'm just supposed to keep you comfortable with the lyrics?"

    so many dope lines in every song lol. i just happened to be bumpin City Playgrounds when i opened this thread.

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