reflection..bullshit you probably dont want to read.

Discussion in 'General' started by namron_420s, Dec 9, 2002.

  1. thinking lately...smoked weed, got all introspective and shit, i realized quite a few things

    i blew all my money, let my grandmother down probably, spent it on weed, and the evil ex girlfriend, so now, my number one goal is to set my life plans into motion...what are those you ask?

    i plan on working and taking a few classes, putting that money slowly back into my account, then going to the academy here, and when im 21 being a firefighter, yes, running into flaming buildings, im a pyro, sounds fun..adrenaline is the best drug in the world..right skydiving sensi?

    when i get on for the city, they will pay for my college and give me a 15% raise for each degree i get, so if i dont like firefighting, then i have that to fall back on

    for the past 7 months i have had odd jobs here and there, mainly working at the nursery, but more than that, sitting on my ass bumming at the house, generally burdening my parents, tomorrow i am putting in an application at a local food place. no drug testing

    my biggest drawback is, its not my drawback, the general unacceptance of it is, if i could smoke weed, i know for a fact i would have a job by now, still smoking weed, probably taking classes, still smokin weed, and generally be motivated to do things, smoking weed....when i think about how when i go on in life, im going to have to leave a part of me behind, the hippy part of me, it fucking sucks and demotivates me from doing shit

    i am a pothead, stoner, it helps me think, it keeps me sane, it enlightens me, it helps me with my spiritual life, which some people dont even have, i give my best advice when im stoned, i just generally ahve a clearer head when im i said its all bullshit you dont want to read..

    anyway, im getting a job within the next week, and if i cant, im not smoking weed anymore, and getting a job in three weeks...just gotta do what you gotta do.
  2. shit.. its good youre trying to do something with your life besides write another 3338 posts on the city ;) but damn man.. quitting the ganja.. i mean, if you bow to that pressure that society puts on all of us and quit, its almost like youre giving up your own principles, what works for YOU, and replacing them with the principles of a pretty fucked up society.. you say you work better and are just a happier guy with buds.. i say FUCK THE REST.. even if you dont get this job, there will be others.. and youll know that did the manly thing and stood up for yourself instead of doing what a bunch of old turds were hoping youd do.. ultimately its up to you, but i think wed all be bummed out if you stopped blazing just to get a job..

    as for right now, i think you should LIGHT ONE UP and just enjoy it.. :smoking: life should be about doing what makes you happy, whether it complys with society's version of normalicy or not.
  3. what works for me is simply beating others up....that's all
  4. hahah, yeah, and thats where all the conflict comes in

    i want to be a firefighter...thats the job that i want to have

    but most importantly i dont want to disappoint my gma

    but, if by doing that i have to compromise who i am...ARGH!!

    THATS THE THING!! weed..out. i have no more....which is another reason for jobbing.

  5. you havent been around to fuck with, so i gotta take my shots when i can get em.

    plus I'd like to add that I enjoy skat porn and women who rub my feces on their lips...(nubbins gotta have his fun too normsy poo)
  6. that's weird norm..cuz Ive been thinking very seriousely about becoming a police officer...Ive always said I'd be a great cop, and this world needs pigs who understand shit and won't blindly arrest everything in sight just because they fart too loud...does that make sense?
  7. it would be so much fucking easier if we still had our right to privacy and could relax how we see fit on the weekends, and didnt need drug testing.
  8. never have to leave the hippy part of you is a part of you that you can never escape!!!! But I wish you luck and I'm sure you will figure out what you are going to do. Sometimes it's hard when one's fav past time is illegal and looked down upon by the majority of society. But I'm sure you will do have quite an imagination so I'm sure you will go far in life. But I send you all kinds of good karma and positive energy and I hope you choose the path in life that makes you happy and not everyone else in your life. You have to do what you feel is right in your heart or you will end up bitter and angry and then I'll turn on the news and see you with a machine gun on a tower shooting at random police stations!!!! LOL
  9. maybe u should quit, but only for a little bit. just long enough to get a job and get goin again. just cuz you quit doesnt mean you have to quit forever. ganja will always be there. but job opportunities wont. do what u feel is best, but keep on posting here!

    Everything's gonna be all right... ~bob marley
  10. yeah, dont worry, im not goin anywhere...
  11. do you really think you can succeed in school if you keep on forgetting what the lecture detailed that day? really if youre going to be in school you should only smoke on the weekends
  12. Originally posted by NuBBiN
    i masturbate nonstop, and live off of my own protein rich reproductive buddies, thats what gets me through life

    hey man well i think i have a problem being the chill stoner masterbating chick that I have worked so hard to be then..I mean where is all this play and wondering revelations going to? i mean I thought I was getting by just fine..but wheres the life for me in the protein rich industry?

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