refitting street lights for growing

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  1. hey. the other day, i found an abandoned street light on the ground which i could easily take without arousing any suspicion. what is great about this find is that this could potentially be the free HID light i've been looking for :D.what i was wondering is if a standard streetlight could be rewired with a 110v us house plug. I know that it is etither MH or HPS probably 400-1000 watt. if this is feesable to use it as a grow light, i would like some kind of instructions on the wiring and whatnot thanks, peace ps i will be bringing a small toolkit and a backpack when i go there this thursday. i will nab it right as night falls and post detailed pics when i get it home.
  2. it should probably be an hps if its a street light, maybe fluro. but if its that powerful(400-1000w) then ull prob need some kind of ballast or capacitor in there somewhere. Post some pics when u get it and try to get some specs.
  3. will do. as i said its definatley either MH or HPS. i think it most likely has some kind of built in ballast but i got no idea yet i'll get back to ya on that
  4. i bougth a old street light for 50 bux from a guy it was actually a parking lot light, and it had a built in ballast but this thing was super heavy im talking like 70+ lbs but what the guy did was take a oarnge extention cord and just wired it to that and wrapped it with electrical tape, also it said on the ballast that it was 400w hps so you should check to see its not a mercury vapor before you go to the trouble of lugging it home--peace
  5. yea but i doubt your gonna be able to get the ballast out , its in the actual pole i think , so you might need to buy/build a ballast or w/e. if its more on the whiter side then its MH , orange = HPS.

    if you can get it and it works then nice job man.
  6. yeah this is the kind of streetlight that is mounted on a 1 inch metal pole which is then bolted to the wooden tree trunk pole, so i dobut that the ballast is inside a 1 inch pipe i think that it has a small ballast built in behind the light fixture. Its definatley not mercury vapor... all streetlights in my town are either HPS or MH (all remaining mercury vapor and incandescant streetlights were replaced by hps 10-15 years ago) and this one is no exception i would guess that its no more than ten years old. also it has a little latch thing with a hole for a lock but theres no lock, so all i really have to do is take all the screws out.
  7. bulbs are pretty cheap, reflectors are really cheap, ballasts arent so very cheap!

    :love: to you all
  8. I've come into some luck and I now have a BRAND NEW street head light with everyting including the ballast and bulb. The bulb is a phillips High pressure sodium with only 100W.

    With that said and outta the way, whatta you guys think about using it for flowering, is this a dream? please only comment on the question thanks
  9. For one plant yes.
  10. Most HPS street lamps are 400 watts. Personally I 'd just go buy a grow light but you could use a used HPS street lamp to grow if you really wanted to deal with the weight wiring.
  11. Ok, its NOT 400W its 100W with 120V and its NOT USED its very new. I say its quite big for just 100W but it says right on the bulb. Also the bulb contains Hg (mercury) Here are some pictures. Lemmi know whatch think.

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  12. Bumb!! I want to know if I can start pulling down street lights for growing lol.

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