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refillabe vaporizer pens

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Buffalo11024, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Been looking into these for a while. cant really make sense of them without really checking them out. Any input or recommendations about these devices is appreciated.
  2. I use a Synergy V pen vaporizer. You can refill the carts with oil wax and hash but not herb but I really like mine.
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    I do my own concentrates. Usually smoke joints. have my bong for breakfast and bed. Want something for public situations. Between class, on the mountain, etc. How big are the cartridges? Simple to fill?
  4. Is there a specific reason you want a pen over an MFLB, Solo or Pax?
  5. Ive only seen a couple of them in person. None of which were able to be filled with your own oil. Im just kinda skeptical. Im sure there are some pieces worth the money i just dont know enough about portable vape technology.
  6. The white rhino pen vape does both concentrate and dry. I love mine. The PAX is great, but it's more than double some of the other pen vapes. It's just not worth the cash unless you have enough.
  7. Concentrate pen? 710pen is what I use and suggest, Cloud pens are also quite nice. I wouldn't rely on one as a sole concentrate smoking apparatus though. They're made with parts that you will eventually have to replace. But I don't mind seeing as how it's super handy for hitting a smear on the go.
  8. Thanks for the input. Definitly not the only piece. I find Bong and a torch just dont travel well.
  9. Get the g-pen. You can pack any full melt and it works great. I love mine
  10. If you're looking to save a little money, that setup is an eGo battery with a Pen cap Giantomizer on top :)

    Just google it up, the eGo should run you about $17 and the Giantomizer $10>

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