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  1. I posted over in the how does she look thread but decided to start my own journal so I can look back later at all the things I'm going to forget. This is my second grow, and between my own mistakes and the info from this site and YouTube it is going incred ibly smoothly. Grow medium is bush doctors coco loco in five gallon buckets. The base cyco line with molasses and silica added in for nutes. Started at 2ml/g and increased nutes to 6 ml/ gallon of grow then went straight into 6ml/g for bloom with a consistent 6ml/g silica from seed and 1tbsp/g of molasses starting at flower. As a newbie I can say that the silica has changed the game for me. It made the ladies much more forgiving to my mistakes and stronger overall. Really helps with not over watering because I get a little more time between them telling me they need water and being dead, so I have an easier window to hit. Anyways the ladies are one royal queen painkiller xl(1:1 THC:cbd), royal queen critical, and two different phenos of world of seeds northern lights x big bud. Started 12/12 cycle on 10/17. I'll get sperate photos later.
    The canopy as of last night. IMG_20141109_061902_309.jpg
    Little lollipop job
  2. $15 door to the medicine closet if anybody is trying to figure out a cheap way to eliminate light leaks and achieve good air flow. Just have to keep my room at a comfortable temp and voila!

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  3. Disaster! Lollipopping stressed one of the northern light phenos to blow balls everywhere. Scrapping a plant is so hard when you're hurting and have nothing to smoke. Think I caught it early enough to not ruin the closet and the other three are looking healthy. Gonna fill in the hole with another painkiller as soon as one of the clones is big enough. The painkiller is stacking on some good frost with the other nl right behind it. The painkiller also has an interesting quirk with two of the leaves on one bud site. Genetics lol

    Another tip for the broke... I needed to try my hand at cloning if this was going to work out in the long run. I've seen lots of different ways to do that on this site and one mentioned honey as a cloning agent. Just so happens my aunt had given me some from her bee hives so I needed to figure out a way to use it with household items. One five gallon bucket and a trash bag later I have clones for free. Lost a few the first time around but that was user error. If you decide to use honey make sure you scrape the glob back off, you only want a thin film on the root site of the clone or they will apparently rot. 6 for 6 since I figured that out.
  4. Left is northern light x big bud and the right is painkiller xl.
    Few trich shots. These are from the same two plants. The critical is stout but as of yet nothing spectacular to show off.

  5. Starting night 33


    Painkiller xl

    My personal favorite of this grow so far. Nl x bb


    Replaced the Hermie with two clones as a mid harvest bump
  6. Northern lights x big bud!



    The pk and crit were just watered.
  7. Beginning of night 38. Painkiller first then nl. Crit is starting to take off swelling buds so I guess it'll just take a few extra weeks.
  8. Night 47 trich pictures.

    Northern lights x big bud


  9. desceeent, looking really good dude 
  10. Thank you! I was proud of my first grow... It doesn't hold a candle to this second! Excited for the third lol
  11. Lookin awesome man I replied to your message
  12. Im subbed in for the rest of this
  13. Update week 8. Gonna throw some pics up, sorry I couldn't get them to focus on my phone. Any guesses on how much time I have left? I was expecting a smoother transition from green to yellow but after I flushed they paled and started heavily shedding. Almost all trich's are milky but only a handful of amber, did I flush too early?

    Nl x bb


    Pk XL

    Crit. This one I flushed later because it was noticeably behind the other two then the buds blew out and it is progressing way faster than the other two on a day to day basis.

  14. Looks fine to me if your seeing amber but mostly cloudy I'd say its safe but see if u can push another week u should be able to
  15. Forgot to mention that, at the least, all three have rock hard nugs. Way denser than my bag weed first attempt!
  16. Also u can see how well the plants are flushed out if u take a big sun leaf snap it off the water the comes out the stem will taste bitter if nutes are still running thru it and won't have a taste if it's flushed
  17. Painkiller and nl have come down.

    Pk hanging



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