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reefer cake for party

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by supertoker1, May 25, 2010.

  1. well my friend is having a party and she wanted everyone to be high but she doesnt want to smoke in her house because of the smell so i thought of making firecrackers but since there was gonna be alot of people that and hash browns were out. so i thought maybe i could make a couple cakes and throw a fat sack in the mix.would this work or fail? help please:hello:

  2. lolwut. Who has a party and says "I want everyone there to be baked"

    And just have everyone smoke outside

  3. People get baked at my parties?
  4. well like there all stoners... so they all wanna be high but they dont want the smell to linger or anythin :smoke:
  5. Why are the brownies out, but cake in?

    If you make cannabutter, you can put that in anything you would typically put butter in. It will get you stoned.

  6. Yah same, but i dont say "I want everybody here to be really high" and then say they cant smoke here, and dont provide any weed.
  7. ^This, I would personally go for the brownies, they are delicious if you make them right, and definitely get the job done, your friends will love you.
  8. brownies could work and so does the cannabutter. ill see thnx :hello: ill prob need more help later on
  9. if u make two cakes (like betty crocker cake mix style) just put some extra oil in ( i use abbout twice what the recipie calls for) and put like a half oz in each cake (for two cakes which is what i did my my homies suprise bday party) and cook at 275degrees until u can stick a toothpick in and it comes out clean. it wont taste super great but sprinkles and choclate frosting and milk will sure help. all my homies and i were BLASTED for a long while but it was also good to smoke at his house so we did that too lol
  10. lol alright kool so would those two cakes be enough for like 15 people?
  11. depends..check the incredible edible forum..its full of recipes on how to make canna butter..cakes..cookies..brownies you name it man.They will even help you out with measurements and stuff man.:smoke: love that place.
  12. Check the edibles forum, it's not gonna work if you just throw weed into the cake mix and stir it all up.
  13. just make a double stack marijuana cake just 1 cake but 2 layers high and just loaded with bud :D.
  14. well ima try to make a big ass tray of brownies cuz i need enough for 15 people and maybe more so wish me luck :D

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