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  1. anyone got one? This is the one I used to have, it was fucking cool. Lots of work though now I just have a 5.5gl freshwater tank -.- boring XD


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    had a 100g salt water tank aquarium growing up, my dads hobby.       picked out colorful coral and fish. also a wrecked pirate ship including treasure :smoke:
    It was very relaxing jus to chill out and watch the fish.
    One of the mini lobsters (crayfish?) somehow crawled out.  Finally found him months later in an air conditioner vent. 
  3. I want one so bad! I used to work at a pet shop that sold saltwater & freshwater fish. It was my favorite part about working there learning do much about them. I'll definitely get one once I move out. What's the average price for a 20gal?

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  4. Approx
    150$ for a 4 bulb T5 light fixture
    150-250$ for a good skimmer
    100$ for powerheads
    40$ for a heater
    20$ for the tank at petco when they have dollar per gallon sale
    20# live rock approx 60-140$
    Live sand 20$ a bag, 2 bags needed $40
    50 gallon bag of salt $25

    So just about over $500 not including fish/coral/inverts ect..

    Additional purchases I would highly recommend would be
    2x heaters for redundancy
    Reefkeeper lite tank controller with temp probe $150
    RODI system $150
    Extra powerhead and heater to mix new saltwater
    And an auto top off, jbj is a good one $80

    Happy to help
  5. Here is mine I've had for 4 years, got a lil algae prob right now,

    Also got a sump for my heaters, skimmer, extra rock and more water volume, and algae turf scrubber (ATS)



    And some random pics

    Hope you enjoyed
  6. imagine its quite a project cleaning that tank
       will you have empty the tank to treat the algae problem? I imagine thats quite a project 
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    you should get a light for the sump and let algae go crazy in there to keep it out of the actual tank. Also sifting gobies help a lot with making your sand look pretty and white
    that tank looks like it would be real nice if the algae problem gets fixed!
  8. also to any "reefers" ;) out there FRAG YOUR CORAL and sell it on craigslist I made a ton of money doing that, almost enough to make the tank self sufficient (produced enough monies to pay for maintenance on the tank)
  9. That's what the ats with the red lights are for, it grows algae on a screen that I scrape off like every 2 weeks, but the pump for it died for about a month, I just got a new pump for it the other day, so that should disappear in the next couple weeks.

    And I had a diamond spot goby that would just make a mess everywhere so I gave him away.

    Also fragging corals is great I actually brought my buddy like 20 frags the day before this pic was taken, that's why it looks kinda empty now
  10. No you don't have to empty it, you just need to starve the algae out of Po4 and Nitrates, which my ats will do along with the skimmer and water changes, I never have to put my hand in that portion of the tank, everything is done in the sump and ats
  11. Was this a 60 or 75 gallon?
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    Heres a few more pic of it this morning before lights on, sorry about crappy iPad pics.

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  13. Wow that first pic is stretched huge idk why sorry

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