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Discussion in 'General' started by cowofsteel, Dec 1, 2003.

  1. My dad loves aquariums, and I just thought I'd take some pictures of his set-up because it looks really really cool stoned... although I must admit it looks a lot cooler in real life :D

    ^ has some tangs and stuff

    ^just shows good view of coral, w/ some of fish

    ^ these are the animes, the pink ones have been sporting up everywere, started with one, now there twenty something. then the 'grass' started as a 1 inch batch, and now takes up about 10 times that. He used to have some larger, cooler looking animes, but when they get that big, the sting they give the fish can actually hurt it, so he had to kill them.

    if you got an cool aqrium post a pic of it
  2. figures my kid saw em, an all this time ibeen gettin away with a couple of betas
  3. cool pics. the live coral fascinate me. thanks for sharing
  4. Very nice pictures! I have a beta myself. Got a cool little bowl for him that has some type of black light above it. Makes him look pretty trippy when I'm stoned. :)
  5. my sister had a like a 100 gallon salt water aquarium when she worked at a petstore and got lots of stuff for it, for free. She also used the uva/uvb lights to grow some cannibus on the side :) I don't think she has it anymore, now that she moved out of my dads and lives in NC now... But i know that thing was a royal pain the ass to keep clean, and to keep the fish alive and healthy...
  6. ^ the nice thing about live reef is that its self-cleaning, the snales clean the glass, and the reef and aniems eat all the bactera and stuff floating through the water.

    It has a 20 gal aquarium underneath, the water is sucked in from the sides of the 200, then droped into the 20 were nutrients, air, and heat are added, other then that, its pretty hassel free. even the sand does its part in cleaning.
  7. l wish l could get good pics.
  8. ^holy shit! i got those two same fish in my tank! bala shark, and somthing angel, crazy.

    and nice tanks critter!
  9. Cool aqauriums! Sort of goes along with this thread, does anyone one else he SCUBA dive? I've been certified for over a year but have only been diving outside my quarry a few times. Great fun.

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