Redwood CRZ

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  1. So I got a redwood CRZ the other day and I love it. :D


    My myrtlezap and CRZ

  2. What are these? First time seeing it believe it or not lol
  3. What is that, it looks pretty sweet.
  4. Is that a heating element vaping for bong rips?
  5. They are both log vapes! The first one is a Ceramic rockzap and the last one is an old school myrtlezap. :D And I can take fat vapor bong hits with them! :hello:

    Ceramic rockzap Best toking tool!
  6. sick redwood
    im not usually big on red wood zaps but the grain on that is so sexy
  7. So it's a vape, how does it work as a vape?
    vapor bonging looks dope off that thing, love quality wooden pieces.
    +rep, probably gonna buy one.
  8. nice redwood!i got the oak EZgrip one recently.since i got it my consumption of herb has gone from a half oz a week of dank to about an 8th.

    vaping ftw!!!
  9. Congrats!! That's gorgeous. I need to get me a crz too..
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    Thanks everyone I'm really enjoying it. :wave:

    I posted some links in this thread already. Check them out. :)
    I might try to make a vid. But in all honsety I suck at making videos. I made a vapor bonging video with my myrtle zap a while back and it turned out really bad. I can post it for you if you want, though. :p

    I know right? Crazy efficient. I barely spend money on weed ever since I got my first zap.

    Do it! :smoke:
  11. how do you adjust the temperature?
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    It stays at a constant Temperature. The perfect temp for me. :)

    Edit: heres a vid of one.:smoke:

  13. Hitting my Box Elder Zap right................NOW! :smoke: Nice Zaps Nanners!
  14. nice CRZ! here is how vaporbonging works with log vapes:

    [ame=]RockZap Vaporbonging - YouTube[/ame]
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    Thanks I love zaps!:D Have you taken pics of yours, if so I want to see.:wave:

    Thanks and I love the vid! I love vapor bonging! :hello: I use my mini HVY straight tube with a diffused downstem with my zaps.
  16. Ain't she a beaut?

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  17. I absoultey love it. :smoke: So.. so pretty!:D

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