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  1. anyone here have any feelings about earning one's redwings? that is, to eat a girl out while she's on her period?

    i did it last week and had a complete hoot! she was so sensitive, it was fun making her make noises and move around.

    the taste, wasnt too far from how it tastes regularly. i felt like a bad ass though :cool:
  2. A badass for eating a period?

    Yeah you the man.
  3. woahhh now, woahh wtf
  4. what's wrong, are you guys afraid of it or something?

    it was great, she was a bit shy at first, so i told her that nature is a beautiful
    thing, so she eased up a bit.

    i had her screaming, her body was spasming out of control, blood on my face and

    it was pretty epic, i must say.
  5. woooo :bolt: (<---me) home and takes lots of:bongin:
  6. Nope never. I will never put my mouth on a bloody vagina.

    I don't mind doin a little finger action or even fucking if worked up enough. blood just doesn't gross me out.

    But it does when it's in my mouth...pussy juice is one thing..menstual blood? no thx :smoking:
  7. I'd do it..

  8. Word Diceman, you always seem to say what I'm thinking. I'm all for giving a girl pleasure anytime, especially if I care about them, but during her period, the pussy is a no-go zone for my face. I'm all good with hand/dick action, I'm not squeamish, but purposefully ingesting someone's blood is a little... Let me put it this way, I didn't enjoy Twilight THAT much.
  9. I wasn't nearly as thrilled after I got mine...

    Never again
  10. Fucking nasty ugh
  11. This made me laugh out loud,but thats beside the point thats DISGUSTING pussy blood in your mouth,just ughhh,maybe you could make some new fetish videos lots of money in those call it Period Porn
  12. Word... lol i woulnt do it. but watever floats your boat i guess:cool:
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    Done it. Don't care. You realize blood stops flowing when they're ready to go, don't you? If you did your job correctly before you started, you don't have anything to worry about.

    I got my red wings in '06, when I was just turning 16.

    I mean shit.. I can shoot a gob of nasty salty shit with the texture of lotion into my girlfriends face, but refuse to do something for her because it's gross? It's give and take.
  14. Change your diet, man! :wave:

  15. Except sperm is supposed to be salty and have the texture of lotion. :wave:
  16. I've gotten my lower wings but not my upper. And I don't plan to.
  17. I will pass on the upper wings AKA crazy clown face. Lower red wings in the shower but still no my fav feels different.
  18. Lol wow... I would never let a guy do that to me. Ever.
  19. Ill bang her thru the bed, wall, table, and shower all day while shes on the rag...but im not puttin my tounge on it...
  20. I give you props...

    I would do it..

    Gotta be adventurous. :smoking:

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