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Reducing smoking frequency to keep tolerance loq

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Hempshire, Feb 1, 2014.

  1. #1 Hempshire, Feb 1, 2014
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    Guys it had been over 1.5 years since i got any weed, i just bought 3 ounces of schwaggy brickweed.
    Naturally after so much time of not getting high, i got very high with a homemade steamroller.
    But now im trying to figure out how to be high as often as possible without acquiring a noticeable tolerance. The problem is that few people seem to be doing this, most just smoke until they need a  break, so i don't know how to.
    I have thought about these options:
    -Only smoke once a week: Hard to do, i like weed too much. But would get me really high every time.
    -Smoke, stay sober for 2 days and smoke again. How would tolerance develop on this one?
    -Smoke, stay sober for 2-4 days and smoke again.
    -Smoke once a week, but incorporate 1-2 one hitter sessions a week.
    Does anyone have any advice on this??
    Which ones are overkill? Would i still develop tolerance no matter what?
    The goal is to keep ebing able to get as blazed as possible with a small ammount, but avoiding being overly sober too long.

  2. I'd say the second option (smoke with two day breaks) would work just fine. It really takes a lot of smoking to build up tolerance, at least in my opinion. The rest seem like overkill.
    BTW, do you go to Hampshire College? I have a buddy there.
  3. Yeah it might be the most balanced of the 3, I was just wondering if that would still build tolerance somehow lol
    No lol its just a random word that popped out when i was registering ;p
    Oh alright. It's actually a pretty solid username. Anyhow aside from finals week last semester and this past week during which I've had the flu, I generally smoke each and every day. The trick to not building up tolerance is to not smoke more each time and to keep your amounts low (at least I've found this to be the case). I usually smoke a small joint at night and it still gets me decently high.
  5. Thanks :D
    That makes sense, and I have read some posts saying that tolerance really develops when you begin to chronically increase the dose.
    I guess ill try it again tomorrow, not that i feel pretty much 100% sober now. 
    Yeasterday i still had the mellowness fromt he high
    Maybe my first wake and bake :D
  6. If you smoke once a day instead of multiple times in one day, your tolerance won't really raise much unless you go overboard that one time each day.
  7. "The goal is to keep ebing able to get as blazed as possible with a small ammount, but avoiding being overly sober too long."
    maybe try a vaporizer, with a good vape, low tolerance and dank weed you use only like 0.1-0.15g per use, ive even used less like 0.05-0.07 and still felt medium effects.

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