Reducing humidity??

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  1. Trying to get her down to 40s I have 2 3" usb fans and a 7" oscillating fan in there and a 600w full spec and T5 100w running...awaiting carbon filter still she's 1st week flower...
  2. Geez..I have exactly the OPPOSITE problem..The RH in the High Nevada desert is about 10-15%..great for flower but I need HUMIDIFIERS for Veg..LOL
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  3. Flowering 23-25c 40% RH just can't bring her down
  4. 64 round here
  5. Unfortunately most of the cheaper De Humidifiers do not work..takes one with a pump to really do the job.
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  6. I personally wouldn't be to concerned if it doesn't get to much higher... I would definitely try adding a stronger outtake first as that may help.. a dehumidifier is just going to increase those already hot temps which will do far more damage than 56% humidity... my humidity stays 60-70% in flower and my plants do just fine WITH tons of airflow too though so there is no stagnant air but again at 56% I wouldn't sweat it to much I'd definitely be looking for a stronger outtake compared to a radiating heatbox that's going to cost you a decent bit. You'd be better off with a cheap window unit lol atleast it vents the hot air outside.
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  7. What type of outtake are you currently running? I thought the USB fans were outtake what fan are you using with the carbon filter?
  8. This should arrive tomorrow I know it's cheap was a cheap grow may get better depending how this turns out..then going to put alot more cash in..?
  9. I've only ever had the 2 3" fans in there just got the 7 " oscillating in now but because made of survival blanketsb(not a real tent) can hear them rattling with 7 inch going its cost me nothing up to point of needed better light and this filter and hydrometer that's all I've paid out for...picked rest up bloom pk and that at poundland
  10. Just wait until the setup is done entirely to do anything... the fan may help some but idk it depends how strong it is what's the CFM it's rated?
  11. Just wait until the setup is done entirely to do anything... the fan may help some but idk it depends how strong it is what's the CFM it's rated? What's the average humidity in the house itself?
  12. I'm totally new haven't a clue what your on about lol...sorry the 7inch is an Argos value range
  13. CFM is cubic feet per minute it's pretty important when choosing a proper outtake for the setup. Pretty much all fans should have the rated CFM somewhere in the description same as the filters
  14. Just says 100m3 ph
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    What size space is that? That's roughly 60CFM which is hardly anything imo. If the space is small enough it may work but I had challenges using a 100cfm booster fan in a 3'x18" space.

    It will definitely be better than nothing hopefully it helps
  16. 3ft by 3ft 4ft high
  17. Also just above the tent is the vent to the outside of house was going stick outtake on there
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    I personally use a 442cfm 6"inline fan that I bought for 30-35$ used on eBay works great on my 4x2x4 (bit to strong). With that said I wouldn't go lower than 250CFM in that size tent so I'm unsure how that inline will work just gonna have to wait and see. For future reference go on eBay and look for cheaper 4" or 6" inline fans you can even get them in auction style for decent prices.. 4" carbon filters can be had new for under 40$ with some companies and 6" for around 60$ would of been much better off starting with buying an inline fan and then purchasing the carbon filter when flipping to 12/12 that away it doesn't hit you all at once. But we all make mistakes.. I tried to use a 100CFM booster fan to pull my 100CFM carbon filter and it was a disaster lol that's why I bought the 6" fan my second grow. I just hooked it up to my smaller 4" filter and it works well.. it may zap the life out a bit sooner than expected but my filter only cost 40$ so it's worth it even if it only makes it through a couple grows lol.

    (Forgot you are already on 12/12 oops lol) either way I'm hoping the carbon filter works well for you OP keep us updated.
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  19. I have another spare 7inch oscillating idea is use the carbon filter and then put the 7"fan into a box surrounded by egg boxes...making 2 holes in box and adding to front and back...putting back ducting inside tent with box and front end out to same vent output will be on above tent....theory back of fan sucks air right? And will push it out the front

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