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Reduce Red Eyes With Ice?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by 2313, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. I lost my eye drops and can't go get more. So if I ice my eyes before or after smoking will it help at all? Or maybe some heat?
  2. You just went full retard, you never go full retard.

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  3. [quote name="Toking Sam" post="18194339" timestamp="1370908858"]

    You just went full retard, you never go full retard.]

    Yea man Im freaking out
  4. Just go buy eye drops nothing does the job better than eye drops

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  5. Apply dry ice to the affected area and carefully rinse out with lemon juice and salt
  6. LOLOLOLOL LOLing my ass off because I know you are not trolling you are serious lololololo
  7. who told you ice works?
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    Man people are such assholes.
    That would only work if the cold from the ice constricted the blood vessels in your eye. I'm sure this doesn't happen because your body would respond to the cold by dilating your blood vessels, so it would probably make it worse. Also I'm sure that kind of cold is not good for your eyes anyway. Don't try it.
    See guys, how about trying to explain it instead of making fun of him. I know you are all so smart, but come on.
  9. Just buy more eye drops.
  10. Or better yet, splash some water in your eyes.
  11. huh?? its your blood vessle inner ocular vescular retinias widening that has nothing to do with cooling them down op
    my suggestion is to take a  kettle  boil it  untill the whissle thing on it runs keep at least 12 inches way from it steam can cause burning or you can turn your sink full heat the steam (or turn the shower on full heat with the sink make a sona in ur bathroom thatll moirture ur eyes its all good you never want to make ur eyes cold they can shrink and cause vessle bleeding or even glucoma and worst case ontario blindness!
  12. I thought you were referring to using ice in your bong but that won't prevent red eyes either
  13. Ouch, don't go with ice. 
    First off, try and nice cough as much while smoking. Go slow. Enjoy it. Taste the herb. Corner the bowl, don't like all the herb. Try and make it last. 
    This reduces irritation and red eyes from coughing and hacking up a lung. 
    Do not use ice. That would just hurt and probably cause damage. Just get eyedrops. The cheap brands work too. 
  14.  THC dilates your blood vessels. It has nothing to do with the coughing.
  15. I just gave up on that because no matter what I did my eyes were always red. Now I use the excuses of wearing contacts, sweat got into my eyes (I sweat a lot too no matter what I'm doing), allergies, dehydration. There are plenty of excuses I never have to use, because I don't have to hide my habit anymore.
  16. I'll be honest I've tried this and sadly it doesn't work, just feels cold as shit, sorry bro

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  17. Splashing water works like a charm.
  18. You can drink water . It won't be red if you're well hydrated. Just drink water before and after you smoke

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