Reduce harshness of hits?

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  1. Got a new sherlock, and was wondering if there was any way to reduce the harshness of the hits. Burns my throat everytime i use it.

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  2. dry pieces take some time to get used to, best advice i can give is pack smaller and try and hold the smoke in your mouth first, itll help cool it down.
  3. I always have a water with me in case I get a really harsh hit, but harshness is to be expected with a spoon pipe. If you want the smoothest possible hit, get a vape or bong.
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    If you don't like harshness, then don't smoke out of a spoon......period.   You are getting molten hot smoke inches from where it was combusted, with no method of diffusion or cooling.   
    Personally, the only times I have ever smoked out of spoons is when it is absolutely necessary due to the in a concert, need to be sneaky, etc.     I've never really understood why some people use a spoon as their primary method of's just way too fucking harsh for me.    My tongue and lips always get super dry, and it absolutely murders my throat and lungs.....not to mention the odd piece of weed or ash that inevitably gets sucked through and you almost die from choking on red hot ember.  
    Don't get me wrong, little glass pipes have their place and are very convenient, but why would you not just use a bong and save your poor throat and lungs?
  5. Man, if you are looking for portability ever, use a mini bubbler! I have one thats the size of a medium spoon, with an added little chamber, and it filters ALOT. The whole thing fits in my palm, you can put it right in your pocket. No water? Smoke it dry! Best of both worlds imo.
  6. Use hemp wick, a screen and a fresh clean pipe and only dank. Really not much else you can doSent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I537 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
    Except get a vape. 
  8. Obviously.....but this is about spoons.Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I537 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  9. I always inhale into my mouth first and then inhale into my lungs.  Also always have some water on hand, taking a drink between hits really helps.
  10. Best of both worlds? What are you, Miley?
  11. In time young grasshopper your lungs will adjust to a harsh hits. In the meantime buy yourself a good bong or vape for less harsh hits. :bongin:
  12. No shit i'm Miley. Does that make you angry or something? 
  13. Not much you can do about the harshness of pipes. I can only make a few suggestions, because like you, I can't stand the heat shooting down my throat. 
    Pipes, spoons, whatever, even bongs take practice so you aren't on the ground coughing pieces of burnt lung out of your chest. My best suggestion I can give you is try to inhale the smoke into your mouth. Do quick little inhales, and riight as you feel it burn, stop, hold it, and then inhale into your lungs. It takes sometime to get used too, and you will one time, fuck up and die lol. Just try to fuck up alone so you don't feel like an idiot. You'll look like one, but its worse to feel like one when you are high lol, been there. Just make sure you aren't doing deep drags, which shoot the heated smoke down into your lungs. Practice doing quick little inhales that are short and small, so you can slowly start to learn how to hit a spoon. I hope this makes sense. So quick overview:
    Take small inhales till you feel it becomes just a bit to much, when it feel it just start to burn.
    Hold it till the burn subsides slightly.
    Then inhale slowly, but deeply into your lungs. Hold it for a sec or two, and then exhale. Done.  :smoking:
  14. Lol clean it is all i can tell you. Purchase a bubbler i guess is the only other suggestion and clean it within ever 4 or 5 uses with alcohol and salt. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  15. First time I ever smoked was out of a spoon pipe. I thought I am about to die and caught my lung out of my body. Then I drank some water and everything was fine again. What I do now is first inhale the smoke into your mouth, let it cool down a little bit and then inhale it. 
    And @[member="fatcuz1234"] I don't agree, the first time I hit a bong I thought I never stop coughing, haha  :bongin:  :(
  16. You know whats probably really bad? I've grown to really like the harshness of a dry glass pipe, the way some people enjoy the bite that soda has, thats the only thing I can compare it to lol  :smoking:
  17. You may be torching the bud too much. When I rip out of glass I try to keep the lighter away from the bud as far possible, plus its cool sucking and watching the flame get drawn towards the bowl
  18. Could be the quality of the bud too. All my organic nug I grow myself is smooth as hell even out of a dry pipe. That being said still prefer water pipes over dry any day.
  19. get better smoke

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