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Redness around eyes after smoking

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by 4Point0Stoner, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. Every time I smoke, not only the whites of my eyes get red, but around them does also. Eye drops help the redness within the eyes, but no matter what people can always tell I'm stoned just by the look around my eyes and its comes to a point where I can't come home even the slightest bit buzzed without my parents knowing. I'm active, have a good diet, and get a good night sleep, so why does this happen? Is there anything that can help this?
  2. thats weird i don't get that but i get dark circles and bags under my eyes.
  3. That's very odd. I'm not sure what you'd do there. I usually don't even out eyedrops but my eyes get really watery when I'm stoned.

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  4. Try taking an allergy pill, maybe the weed triggers a big release of histamine? I've never heard of it before but maybe worth a try?
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  5. I take daily allergy pills for seasonal allergies, I'm thinking It may be an allergy thing.
  6. What do you take?
  7. Zyrtec usually
  8. Do they itch or feel irritated afterwards?

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  9. Your eyes and face get red and rosey because smoke is hot and when it's in your body it irritates certain membranes not yet accustomed to the feel of stoned. Blood shot eyes and extra low lids are just the beginning... lol

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