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Discussion in 'General' started by dcmind, Mar 7, 2002.

  1. Anyways, Im kinda nice right now, and I'm watching king of the hill. I don't really like the show, but damn does it crack me up when im high as shit. I've never even been to the south, much-in-less knew a redneck. Are they really this funny? Cuz this dude dale keeps crackin me up.

    Oh yeah, um, anyone seen the ads for resident evil. I've played every single game, and the movie looks kinda tight (esp the Licker)
  2. Dude, how old are you? You say you've never seen a redneck?

    Rednecks just don't live in the south, they live everywhere, north, east, west, hell even in other countrys. I've been to D.C. and I've seen plenty of rednecks in the burbs around VA and Baltimore.

  3. Im a college student..

    Thats true as shit. We got some bigtime hicks around here. I was more talking about texans, midwest hicks, like those in the show. I was blasted yesterday, laughing my ass off at the show, so I had to post ;-)
  4. rednecks aren't too bad, my one-of-these-days-father-in-law is a self-proclaimed "redneck hippie" and while sometimes he gets on my nerves, he is true to himself & i admire his ability to say whatever he wants...

    he was visiting once, and went to San Francisco alone, and almost beat the shit out of a guy for cutting in the public-potty line. heehee!

    we don't have too many rednecks here in california, but they're out there i've seen 'em and met 'em :D

    as for king of the hill, i watch reruns every day! it is HELLA funny, though the mom gets to bug a lil sometimes...

  5. You've need to go to Bakersfield. We call it West Alabama here at work.
  6. [​IMG] I moved to Louisiana from NO. Calif. 7yrs ago. I lived up by MT. Lassen in a city named Red Bluff. This city is home to the world's biggest 2 day Rodeo, and there are many cattle & horse ranchers in the area, so I guess you could call it Redneck Heaven! But REALLY cool Redneck's!! I wore a cowboy hat & boots to school most day's, with hair that varied from 3 in. below the collar to mid-back(touch'es my ass right now) in length!! Went to "Western" dances on Fri. nights, and danced to Hank Jr. and such, but also C.C.R.,ZZ-TOP,EAGLES,ROLLINGSTONES,and other Rock tunes.Sat. night would find us at the ROCK dance, listening to Floyd,AC-DC,DOORS,B.T.O and such!! Lots of herb around, and bought my first coke and pain-pills from Rodeo cowboys!!! King of the Hill is very funny while Blazed, but it's no more of an accurate description of most "redneck" life, than the Cosby Kids were to ghetto life!! Important to know fact in "Redneck" talk: ya'll is usually singular, and All ya'll is plural....LMAO!![​IMG]
  7. LOL DUDE BAKERSFIELD I KNOW! I talk to people in that area all the time, we have lots of customers there and they are such a trip sometimes! LOL Cranky ass woodworkers, man. Faxing me big blobs, and I go "what's this?"
    "It's a drill bit, i need more. Can you send me some?"

    stories are worse in Fresno as well ;)

    SO I guess it's just the Bay Area where we're really lacking redneck representation :D

    xo cowboysaxman sounds like ya live in a pretty fun town :)

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