Redish coloured stems

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by archie_matt, Jun 17, 2004.

  1. Hi Guys, first post on our first grow - x3 AK47's 4 weeks old from seed, all in a outside loo 3x3x8 ft. Envirolite 125w (6100k) + 250 hps, temp is around 85c. Fert 25/15/15 there are signs of a tiny bit of nute burn but they should be o.k, why have the plants stems got a redish tinge to them? Also the leaves are drooping a bit, over watering I feel thanks for any advice!
  2. I'll post pics tomorrow, not sure if it will show up on the camera! I am possibly just paranoid about these bloody plants!
  3. redish tinge.....normal.....droopyness maybe overwatering....what they planted in????

    laters jay
  4. Thanks Jay! do you ever feel that growing these plants begins to take over your life, I was dreaming about them all last night, bazaar. I think you start making stuff up and getting paranoid, nice advice. There in a loam soil / perlite mix.
  5. yeh man.....much to my wifes dismay....its taken hold of me..i love smoking the erb have don for more than 15 years but this growing thing has realy got me hooked and the city to...luv to watch the little things grow.....i think thats why growers over keen....and i get paraniod to when i had white fly started to think that was the end of my young

    just hold back on the water let the pots dry out a bit but mist well when you do this....good luck man ...see you round...

    laters jay
  6. oh and youre soil sounds fine....i found it help if you do a grow journal...other people give you advice and you can look back on it.....
  7. Big thanks for all the advice, slept a bit better last night and the plants looked good this morning!

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