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  1. cool dog, lets see your tits
  2. to explain please?

    hahah sorry im a little lost
  3. well she posted a video of her dog, then deleted it before i could post. and i wanted to say that.
  4. I'm glad you shared this with the class. Thank you
  5. I'm more interested in pictures of what she can cook myself.:cool:
  6. I was wondering how long it'd take you to drop some misogynist comments. :hello:

    Every time titties are mentioned on the forum, OscarZetaAcosta is there to tell that bitch to get back in the kitchen. :p
  7. Nothing goes wrong with a woman in the kitchen, shit hits the fan when they leave...Every time, remember the chick that broke the dude's bong? Yeah.:cool:
  8. I remember my chick breaking a few of my bongs... come to think of it, she was never in the kitchen when it happened...

  9. major epiphany in the making ^

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