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  1. So I was making my first attempt at growing with some 5 femmenized Kaya Gold seeds from Nirvana. I made the fatal mistake of using duct tape to secrue lights :smoking: and to no ones surprise the tape gave way and roasted my ladies, only a few days old. So as the old adage goes, if you don't succeed try and try again.

    This is my official 100% bagseed REDEMPTION grow. I purchased some 50 seeds from an unknown shwag source. Most were total shit and cracked but I was able to pick out about 20 good ones. These seeds are under my 200 zoom microscope.

    I had about 33% germ rate with the shot glass/plant method. I basically let them sit in a shot glass of mineral water on top of a book on top of my hotbox vape as to not roast them. Once they all sank and I started seeing them crack open I planted them in 50-50 organic soil/perilte.

    The Setup.
    Yes, it is shanty as hell but it gets the job done. I basically needed a germ/veg chamber to get the ladies big enough to transplant outdoors. I modified a cheap drawer sort of thing, cutting the cottom out and rigging white paper on all sides to reflect light. I have two 26 watt and one 13 watt cfls. All the lights are hung from the underside of my bed and rigged through a piece of cardboard with a white side face down to reflect light. I cut a corner out to fit the 6" fan and allow for fresh air to be pulled in. Temps stay nice and warm, but not hot and the plants have been fairing well so far.

    I'm thinking it's getting close to time to LST the bigger of the three, what are yalls thoughts?
    I know my pictures suck, I dropped my iPhone 4 and the back glass panel broke and now my pictures are never focused.

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