Discussion in 'General' started by KB_124, Mar 5, 2003.

  1. GIVES YOU WIIIIIIIIIIIIINGS!! HaHa..just chugged a can, about 10 minutes ago, and smoke a bowl from my bong. then a couple minutes ago, I literaly found myself running around my basement, and not thinking anything of it...gonna eat some WIIIIIIIIIINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can picture my bong with WIIIIIINGS!!!!!
  2. theres a similar drink called rockstar and although it tastes like crushed up "smartees" candy it gives a much bigger jolt than redbull. I highly recommend using redbull as a chaser if you ever go out gives quite a buzz
  3. caffiene is awesome..

    but isnt it easier to just drink some coffee?
  4. My alltime favorite combo for any drinks are Red Bull and Jagermmeister...Jager-bombs!!!! Fill a cup a third to a half full of Red Bull..Then take a shot of Jagermeister, and drop it in the redbull(there should be just enough redbull to go over the shotglass)...And drink the whole thing..So good...lucky I only have to wait untill tomorrow to drink some :)
  5. Mix some redbull with vodka and damn, great for any alcoholic occasion!
  6. haha Yea MAN!
    im gonna
    go n try that rigth now!

    haha it'll be fun
    to mention
    I ALSO got
    somepepermit nt schnaps

    100 proof
    FOR me
    nim galready high
  7. not too good for insomniacs. caffiene and taurine.

    i really wanna try jolt cola... i've heard its supposed to be hardcore.

    i don't think i've ever drunk a bull whilst cained.
  8. jolts arent that strong...they taste like generic knock offs of coke and the caffeine levels are high, but not that high

  9. yeah tasty stuff!! i like jager straight too which is odd seeings how , to me it tastes like black licorish, and i hate black licorish
  10. yea man that stuff is great
  11. i have a tolerance built up for redbull lol
    i play hockey and i drink one before every game, and it works damn good
    fun with bacardi too
  12. Red vodka with Redbull is good :D
    never tried it with Jager.... will do in a sec!
  13. redbull is one of the best non-alcoholic drinks ever!!!!!
  14. I drank something called red devil it was an energydrink with alcohol. energydrinks are nice, but neuro shocker coffee gives you bigger buzz. but then again energydrinks taste ten times better.
  15. Hmm...So Whats the strongest?

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