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  1. Goddamn I miss Gauntlet Legends/dark legacy. Greatest arcade game of all time perhaps?

    Discuss what may be the best arcade game ever.
  2. Oh man I remember spending shitloads of money on the arcade version of dark legacy.:smoke:

    Took me a bit to figure out you needed the magic to kill death, lost my ass a few quarters that way.
  3. Yes! At the moment I can't think of a better arcade game. Used to love me and 2 of my friends going to the movie theater as kids and playing the original Gauntlet, we always had that 4th one open and occasionally had a stranger join in and man was it epic. I had a huge nostalgia trip just coming into this topic lol. Thanks for that! :hello:
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    Yeah when I was in middle school I was on the speech team. We would go to state competition at some nice hotel that had an arcade with Gauntlet Legends. Me and my dad would sit on that shit all weekend. Haha even as a kid I always went with the green colored character. We beat it a few times on that machine.

    I wish they'd come out with it for Xbox Live Arcade.

    The machines are way cheaper on Ebay than you'd expect too. I saw one that worked sell for just $300!
  5. Greatest arcade game of all time?



    Arcade gaming sort of died in EU before I had a chance to play the games you mention in an actual arcade.

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