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  1. Just a few noobie questions on the subject:

    Regarding lights I've read that for different stages of the plants life different spectrums of light will benefit the plant more. Off my head I can't remember which is which. Anyways I was wondering how many lights you would buy and of each?

    GreenLamp 85w Blue Spectrum 6400k CFL grow light lamp bulb Bayonet B22: Lighting

    GreenLamp 85w Red Spectrum 2700k CFL grow light lamp bulb Bayonet B22: Lighting

    Originally I would have got 4 lights. If I go for 4, should I get 2 of red and 2 of blue?
    When should I be using these lights? Should I use all 4 for the whole grow or only use the specific ones for the specific growth phase?

  2. Is it just one plant?

    I would go with 2 of each.

    You want more blue spectrum during veg, and more red spectrum during flowering. So for vegging, you could do 2 blue, 1 red, and then opposite for flowering.
  3. Probably just 1 plant at first then will move up if it goes well.

    So 2:1. So I wouldn't benefit from just having all 4 lights on throughout the whole grow?

    Thanks for the help so far!
  4. You would, it's just that certain types of growth are caused by different spectrums. Don't quote me on this, but I think blue light causes plants to grow more vertically, whereas red light causes them to bush out.

    You can most definitely use all 4 lights throughout the whole grow with no problems.

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