Red strains in hot climates

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Newstudent86, Apr 8, 2016.

  1. have any of you guys grown any red autos in hot climates like black cream or bloody skunk? where I live it never really drops below 20 degrees Celsius just wondering if I will get getting any of those nice colours if I give them a go thanks
  2. Unless your smack on the equator with zero changes between summer and winter just run them in your Coolest months and you should get some color from a few strains..
    The 3 down on the end are Dutch Passion Blue Berry regular photoperiod plants.. Vegged under T5s in a old garden shed and set out about 5 weeks ago to do a " Spring " set.. Between the cooler nights and the few hot days they've gone all red and gold while the closer pair of Dark Goblin stayed nice and green..

  3. Wow they look nice man thanks
  4. Honestly it is colder temps that change the colors not the hotter it is. Just because heat is represented as red doesn't mean you will get red buds.

    Sade's outdoor Bigfoot territory grow
  5. I don't think u really understood the question

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