red stems???

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by zonerr, Sep 15, 2003.

  1. I have 1 plant that's stems are red?is that bad?

    i was thinking that it might be a nutrient deficiancy or something.

    I have one plant flowering under a 100W hps!

    Is that too little light??

    just don't want to srew it up now!I had 5 plants and 4 of them turned out to be male!SUCKS!SUCKS!SUCKS!
  2. The plant stretched itself out when my light was too far away also!4 inches between internodes
  3. you are right on with the purplish coloring!
    How did you know?
    What causes that?
    I only have a 100 watt hps on it should i still keep it 12--15 inches away from it?
    How many plants can i grow with only a 100 watt hps light?
    It says it throws 9500 lumens.

    Thanks for the help!!! ZONERR


  4. i put my 110w HPS about 3 to 5inchs from my seedlings and thats with fluro sidelighting aswell.

    if i was gonna flower under my 110w id just have 1 plant thats bin topped then the branches spread out to cover the area that the lamp can light ok, if u dont want to train them id go for 3 plants but only small plants.

    i gave 10 clones in 1.5lr pots to a m8 that has a 250wHPS and as soon as they had rooted he put them into flower, they was only about 6inch tall, now they r a foot tall and soild bud on the top 9inch, if u was to "bonzi" ur plants like this then u cud get maybe 5 with 6 inch buds. thats just a guess tho as iv never flowerd under just an hps that small.
  5. I would eventually like to have maybe 4 or 5 nice big plants how much more lighting would you suggest i buy to flower that many?
    i have good ventilation and plenty of space!
  6. id go with a 400w HPS or a 600 if u want to grow the odd lanky stavita like haze.

    if u have loads of space then get a 400, it will do u for a while then when u want more light (and we all do sooner or later) u can use it to veg with. that wud keep 2x600wHPS in with a steady surply of plants to flower.

    if i had the space and didnt have to worry about the lecky bill id have as many dam lights as i cud get my hands on lol
  7. HIGH All, yes turning to 18/6 will bring down your temps for sure. It's what most growers do in the heat of summer. Your ballest is where? If in your room (I know it might not be possible) see if you can put it outside of your room. 15" should be fine..but if you see them stretching maybe bring it down a few more inches or put your pots on something that will raise them to the light. 14 days...when I do seeders I vegg them to at least 3 weeks if not 4...some people start their 12/12 when the plants reach 12 inches or more.
  8. HIGH All, ventilation is a big part of a grow you have fans in your room to move the air around? Yes transplanting would make those babies grow better...have to have room to grow right.

    When we do seeders it takes anywhere from 7days to ????? for the males to appear. Yes a HIGH N fert I'm sure your (fingers crossed) girls would love it right about now.
  9. The purple colour in the stems is the chemical the plant flowers the chemical becomes more apparent in the upper stems and usually means a good hormone level in the plant ( especially if its female !!!! lol ) and therefore a good flowering cycle

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