Red stems on top half of plant

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  1. Okay guys, I have noticed more and more red/ purple color appearing in stems. Also noticed leaves curling down today.
    Under 600 w led
    In 5 gal ffof soil
    Feeding only unprocessed green coconut water and molasses every other feeding
    3 weeks into flower today
    No ph meter yet but am going to buy one now
    Any guidance would be appreciated! 20190810_223952.jpg 20190810_223222.jpg

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  2. Woah jeeze id say, it has leaked onto your walls and pots and well... Everythings purple!! Ahh dont easy the berry!

    How often do you water? Are they mixed in with perlite? Try taking a picture under regular lighting, alot of times purplish and reddish stems is normal, the leaf curling however is not.

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  3. Haha
    Not the light, stems deff have red/purple striping and some red petioles. Seems mostly on top stems. I have been watering about a half gallon every other day. But I did take this picture when it was dry right after watering.
  4. Pics in natural/white light is much preferred
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  5. What's your temp/humidity levels? First thing I'd do is check Ph...wrong Ph can cause all kind of problems. I saw you said you were going to buy one....that's a great idea!:passing-joint:
  6. If not genetics odds are it a mag issue
  7. Temp is 75 and humidity travels between 49 and 55%
  8. OK, so temp and humidity are out as culprits......that leaves me with what JayLopez said....prob a magnesium issue......but could be caused my incorrect Ph
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  9. Epsom salt foliar spray. Just my 2cents
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  10. What strain are you growing
  11. Not sure what strain, it was gifted to me at about 4 week veg. I was told northern lights but It doesnt look like it to me.
  12. So what is a real light, since you think I dont have one?
  13. Magnesium imo
    Real light probably means something stronger. I use HID. It gets warm but I control it. I only use ff ocean forest.
  14. Everything I've read recently leads me to think that because red stems started on top of plant that it is a genetic thing, but am going to ph and see before I feed epsom salt.
    Led lights are great and not as hot!
    My plants are also in ffof
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  15. My stems are doing about the same thing but the plant seems to be doing pretty well so I wont mess with it
    I think your plants look ok besides being pretty leggy

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  16. Not enough light other than that they look ok
  17. I just got a new light (600w led) when I started flower 3 weeks ago. Prior it hadn't had enough light in veg. You dont think a 600w I'm a 2.5×2.5 tent for one plant is enough?
  18. How many actual watts is it?

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