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Red stem vs Green stem?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by DynamiteShikoku, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. well, was checking up on my plants and saw that out of all my plants, this one was showing on the main stem. It's purplish red. Compared to my other plants (even the LST'd one). All my other plants have light green main stems. I was thinking they were feeding veins, but i have never seen it like this.

    Camera doesn't do it justice, the red/purple is MUCH more vivid in color.
  2. I'd really like to see this answered, as my sprout has a blood red/light green stem.
  3. that's different
  4. So I got these clones from a collective, they screwed up lighting them so they were starting to flower ,just a little but enough to make a lot more work for me. Anyway its been about a month now and they all are doing excelent..... POINT IS (sorry) they all had that purple red thing goin on, but as there now kickin butt the grenn is like growing down the stems and stock taking over the purp look, kinda like they came out of a shock or lack of somthing. maybe that one plant is getting somthing the others are, or maybe different soil makeup different pourosity....
    good luck.
  5. bumpadee bump
  6. Bump for great justice.
  7. Is it cold where you're growing them?

  8. Average 75 Fahrenheit for me.
  9. Since you answered on of mine:
    Different genetics account for different coloring. Not worse or better, just different.
  10. So, you're saying it's purely genetics? It doesn't have to do with a certain nutrient deficiency?

    I've recently noticed it on some plants of mine. One's stems are all red. Another has just a few branches whose ends are red.

    According to the book "Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower's Bible" it says this for Nitrogen Deficiency:
    And older leaves yellowing are the first noticeable signs of a nitrogen deficiency. The phosphorus deficiency page says this:
    It goes on to describe other qualities of the deficiency being more noticeable. As far as any other sources of the red, the book describes sulfur deficiencies to cause reddening of stems.

    Though, it seems when the book describes the many possible deficiencies, the color of the stem is hardly mentioned at all. It's my belief that it's not really an issue then for it could really be anything. My advice is to not worry about it but keep watching your plant. Watch the color of the leaves, and check the undersides of them too. When you see an odd color on the leaves, you will have something more substantial to go off of and be able to fix the problem.
  11. That is a early warning sign of a Nitrogen def....other people might say different..but my plants were grown in a 78 degree's with a all the amenity's...and nothing appeared wrong...except for the one time i forgot to feed them...so o looked it up and found that re/purple stems are a early nitrogen Def warning :D
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    I can't speak for deficiencies, just normal healthy growth. I see it with some phenotypes, sometimes just in certain spots. I've also seen it above an injured branch but there's no way to know if it wouldn't have been that color anyway.

    I think what I meant was that you don't need to worry about it one bit on a healthy plant, imho. If the plants deficient, it'll tell you in other ways, trust me. ;)

    EDIT - wow, really? maybe that's a soil / low light thing.(?) My girls show me N def with the new growth immediately.

  13. i agree with ya....i have had branches break and then it appeared near the damaged area..as well as seeing it in healthy plants maybe it is a pheno thing as well..lol :D
  14. What strain is this? I have seen this in my plants and it is completely normal in them.
  15. Yeah about 6 of my plants have stems like that, not as red as that one though
  16. are you growing in hydro or soil and what's your pH?
  17. Soil and I have no idea what my pH is :( dont have a meter, but all the plants look great thats all I gotta say I just started flowering them little over a week ago

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