red spider mites on bud

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  1. hi people first time i have posted on here, because i have been able answer all my othere questions by research, but i have a problem now i cant find the answer to so here goes, i harvested my blueberry a week ago but ive just had a look at it an there are loads of little red spidermites all over it,, my question is how do i get rid of them????
  2. From the Problems Guide:

    If you find Spider Mites you must act fast and hit them hard with either a bleach solution (1 tablespoon of bleach to 1 gallon of 95F, pH balanced, water in a spray bottle.) or use a miticide with Abamectin or lindane in it. That seems to work best. There are insect predators that can help in providing some CONTROL but this does not mean 100% eradication and in a consumable crop that is what we are after. The predator mite can help to control them if chemical sprays are not your thing.
  3. thanks for the quick reply,, ive got a pile ov bud at the minute in a draw coverd in the little things,, so ur sayin i should spray the bud with a weak bleach would that not affect the taste??
  4. Oh, you are harvesting now? I wouldn't spray it down with anything since it's past the flowering stage and bleach and other chemicals could make a horrible tasting bud. Oh, and people hate getting any moisture on their buds after flowering for fear of mold and mildew.
  5. so what do you think i should do now??? would it be a problem just to smoke it with the little bastards on it??
  6. and yeh sorry ive harvested it an dried it ive jus gone to get some now an noticed it!! im panicing a bit now to be honest dont wanna loose it
  7. Hell yeah, I'd smoke it with those little turds on there.

    Think of it this way: Most Bulk bud that people get today is grown outdoors. There are tons of bugs outdoors. The plant leaks resin and is extremely sticky. Most people have smoked bugs without even knowing it (tossing a ful, closed bud in a grinder, etc.)

    Actually, there is a thread in here about the weirdest things people find in their weed........ wait.. jsut had an idea....

    Microwave for about 2 seconds. It shouldn't be long enough to do a thing to the plant, but my idiot brother once put a salamander in there for 2 seconds and it killed it dead.
  8. that sucks man this is a wild thought but try somehow smoking them out? lol
    maybe you could put the bud in something they could escape from and make it unbearably hot for them while also place a houseplant or such like nearby as a bait. hope it helps
  9. like the micro idea not sure how it would affect bud? plus you'd just be smoking dead bugs you'd never get them out!
  10. These things are about the size of a pinhead, right? I wouldn't worry about smoking them.

    Also, if you have a vaporizer, instead of burning their bodies and inhaling them, you culd evaporate the moisture from their bodies and just breathe in their evaporated fluids. :hello:

    Damn, I'm hungry!
  11. i dont thnk its a real problem to be honest it wont bother me if i was smoking it but im not, if u did jus smoke it, it wouldnt cause you no harm would it?
  12. I'd smoke it. If you are still questioning it, you can come over to my place and I'll test the hell out of it for ya. :p
  13. ive just been thinking if i froze it?? surely the little bastards willl die then?? and would the bud be ok after tho is my only worry?
  14. lol. great idea.
  15. ive just had a look at it this morning andthey all seem to be brown bread!!!! im still goin to go to the grow shop an see what he says if theres any pesticide i can buy but i really dont want to be spraying this with anything
  16. sell it off cheap, start a new grow...spray with neem oil solution once/twice a week, and keep a closer eye for the buggers.
  17. How about freezing the buds and then giving it a good shake to knock the spider mites off. You'll probably lose a few trichs but at least you won't be smoking dead bugs.
  18. yeh thats what i have done but the guy at the grow shop said that the bugs would just freeze an then when they defreeze they would stilll be alive do u think this is true??
  19. You need ladybugs. That's what my caregiver uses to keep everything bug free and organic.

  20. Mr. 302DE! Where is this thread about weird things people find in their weed? That's hilarious! I seem to always find hair in stuff I buy. I'm gonna try and not shed into my home grown stash lol. Interested in reading this other thread though...

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