red sox yankee game ?

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by Jaemercs, May 17, 2010.

  1. tommrow im going to a red sox yankee game in newyork.. and i dont have a red sox or yankee hat.. i honestly dont even care about baseball that much.. but its a free ticket and might as well go.

    the problem is i dont go anywhere without a hat =/ and i dont own a red sox or yankee hat? all i have are blu jays.. white sox or colorado rockies... i usally jsut wear them to mach my clothes.. would it really be a big deal if i wore one of these hats to the game tommrow? cause i know how obsessed people are with baseball and i just dont really want to cause any trouble.. because i honestly dont care about it enough fight with someone over a hat.. lol.
  2. alright thanks man. im going because my brother his gf and a couple of his friends and my parents invited me and my gf.. it should be fun obviously but i ment im not like a intense baseball fan. but i do like the sport
  3. how awesome was that game?! arod's abomb and then thames hittin that bomb. suck it bosux!

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