Red Shamrock Productions

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  1. Sorry, you expect people to buy their bongs after THAT video???  
    Which video?
  3. Ah, the one you click on in the first post..... the one that says Red Shamrock, utube video....
    Takes you to their channel not a video? o_O
  5. The featured video on their page is a harlem shake video. I looked through the channel and they have some good stuff. Try this video:
    Oh I see. It's just the Harlem Shake no big deal. :) They do have a lot of good videos though I have watched most of them before, stumbled on them awhile back.
    Well they do video production so they don't really make bongs... the ones doing the Harlem Shake in the video are the crew at Glass Alchemy... in which case they still don't make bongs, they make colored rod and tubing for glassblowers to use.
  7. that video plaguebird posted was awesome

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