Red/rusty leaf on plant (pics)

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  1. I have a 32 day old plant that looks like its getting sick.. Anyone know what's going on here? It started about 3 days ago and keeps getting worse by the day. I ddon't use nutrients, my plant light is 100 watt, and its in about a 4 gallon pot I also just put it in flowering 3 days ago too so I'm wondering if that affected it.. any ideas?

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  2. Here's a better picture

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  3. What is your growing medium? Look at the edges of your leaves, they are curling, that's a heat issue. I see 4 things, light heating issue, hot medium issue, over watering issue, and the start of a calcium deficiency. You could be experiencing a nutrient lockout, that's why I asked you what type of medium are you using. Also are you phing your water...
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  4. I'm using Scotts indoor and outdoor potting soil and I just added some herb and vegetable nutrients. I know its not ideal but its all I could get my hands on for now. I moved the light up about 4 inches away and I don't have a pH kit so nothing I can do about that is there anything else to do that would help? I have a fan I turn on sometimes should I have it on always?
  5. Get ahold of some organic plant food from home depot (fish/kelp) if you have one close by. Move your lights further away and leave a fan on for air circulation. Only use water for the next few waterings then feed with fish/kelp.

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  6. PH is a huge issue. if it's off, it won't matter what nutes you add.

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  7. Thanks, how far away should the lights be?
  8. It looks like you spilled straight nutes or burned it in that spot. Everything looks fine except that one spot across the three petals from what I can see.
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  9. You could have even spilled solution on it when it was younger and the spot looks bigger as it grows out. The new growth looks fine so just watch going forward. If it shows in other places it may be a nutrient deficiency or lockout.
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  10. Update: So I pruned the dead leaf and the plant seems to be healthier now, would you agree? And could anyone identify if it's a boy/girl? Its in week 1 of flowering.

    also thank you for all the replies it's greatly appreciated! this is my first grow so I'm kinda just experimenting with it rn but hopefully looking for some harvest

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  11. Female
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  12. Thank you im so excited!! With it being in week 1 of flowering should I be doing anything different? other than light change
  13. You may want to wait a few more days before being certain it's a female.
  14. Wow I see, that helps so much thank you. I'll be looking out for those, which nodes will tell sooner? The upper or lower?
  15. I can see the pistils on the main top. It's a female.
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  16. Actually, can u get a better pic of this node? ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1458066427.494064.jpg

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