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Red Rhino?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by tyler369, Jun 15, 2013.

  1. Has anybody ever heard of a strain called Red Rhino? Not sure if its a legit strain but i'm supposed to be picking up a half ounce of it, apparently it is buried in red hairs  :bongin:

  2. Never heard of it, doesn't mean it's not real though. Most dealer strain names are bullshit anyways.
  3. Yeah I know, its unfortunate but i've came across a few legit ones. Or so I think haha
    Yeah whenever they start naming names I just give them "yeah yeah yeah sure buddy whatever you say" because it gets annoying. They don't even know who grew it, how are they gonna know what it is? All I care about is if it's fucking fire.
    However the dealers that still have the receipts from the dispensaries, with the labels on the jar, those people I believe(for obvious reasons lol). Only ever smoked three strains that I knew were legit, Purple Cream, Strawberry Cough, and my favorite weed of all time, L.A. Confidential.
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    Nah never heard of it befo. But Google says it exists so it does indeed... 
    And pics look bomb as well
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  6. yeah i never used to give a fuck about what my dealer told me but now my new guy gets his shit directly from a guy who lives in Colorado. ive seen the labels on the containers and i get pumped every time i pick up knowing im getting legit dispensery quality bud cause that shit is not very common on the east coast.
  7. Apparently the the pound bags that this shit came in had a "Red Rhino" label on it and the way he described it fits exactly to what google is telling me so i'm hoping to get some real dank weed this time  :smoke:

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