Red Poison Auto Done

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  1. 8 weeks with an Auto Red Poison. Alternating pics with with flash on and off.


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  2. Did you just chop it?
  3. 4 days ago, that is the dried bud.
    Oh, okay! :) Looks like a fine harvest! how much did one auto yield dried? Or are you still going to cure it longer?
  5. Going to cure. Did not weigh it. I don't smoke. sister in law from europe does.
    Be sure to update photos after final cure :)
  7. Curious on final weight as I just started up a red poison auto

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  8. No scale, weight is not on my radar screen. This Papaya is going crazy now! heard it had small fluffy buds. They are ready to break the branches. This is a plant that the lights almost killed a few days in. Burned all but the single serated leaf. Stayed short but some LST work and surecropping seemed to turn it into a little monster!
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    Nothing beats the feeling of saving one that has been hurt early!
    I had a Kosher Kush that birds ate down to the 1st 2 round leaves that you see when it sprouts, stayed like that for almost 3 weeks before a deformed leaf formed and then it just took off!

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