Red Pistols!! :S

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  1. Hi everyone , I'm a begginer grower. I've an unkown strain sativa plant growing and budding beatifully. But couple of days ago all of the pistols started to turn red! Not brown, but red.:eek: Is this normal ? Or should I be worried? I attached two pictures from two diffrent buds.
    Thank you :smoking:

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  2. Nope my friend that means your just getting closer to harvest my friend.
  3. Are they going to turn brown ? or they are all going to be red ?
  4. Most will probably be red yes. I'm not 100% because really you can't tell unless you see the finished product.

    Just stop worrying, the colour of pistols doesn't matter it's all in the thrichromes baaaaabay.:hello:
  5. Absolutly nothing wrong with that color. The pistils are not degrading yet, they are still very alive and healthy looking. Could be environmental conditions, could be genetics of the plant. It is absolutley beautiful though.
  6. this is a high deadly plant .''DO Not Smoke'' this herb.Harvest it a send to me for hazardous waste diposal:devious:
  7. this plant looks great man. im thinking it looks like shiskaberry IMO. keep it up :smoking:

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