Red/pink star bombs

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  1. Hey gc, I recently just got two pills which were sold to me as red stars but they like more like a red/pink mix to me. They have two eyes on one side that resemble the game mario. Ive read different things on pillreports about this but can only find one form my area(NY) SO i was wondering if GC would know anything about this babbies??I really dont wnat to take pipes or anything. This is the first e-bomb I brought but Ive done mollly caps about 40 times.Here are pics:
    Good rolls?

    EDIT srry about big pic I cant find out how to resize it now
  2. I'm pretty sure that all Mario Stars are pipes, I could be wrong though.
  3. There dirty, not exactly sure what they have in them.
  4. They're pipes. most cutouts are now days.
  5. hmmmm Idk if I should take them tonight on the fence....jsut this is the perfect night to roll for me. Will I still enjoy my self even if these were dirty?
  6. so if they are pipes, n I have to the perfect night to roll with a friend should I take then anyway n still have some kind of roll?Idk shit aobut pipes.
  7. Only pipe I ever did was transformers and shit made my chest hurt alittle and just an uncomfortable/unenjoyable high :(
  8. DAMN...the thing that makes me so mad is the guy I got them from does E sooooooo much and he just had a sack of only one kind of pill(these). Why the fuck would he be taking pipes. Friends have been saying there legit but who knows.

    To be honest im prob gonnna end up taking them tonight with my good friend and listen to music with his sick system, if they suck than next time Ill try harder to get good rolls and never go near pipes again or jsut go back to my favorite molly caps.

    Wish me luck maybe they wont be pipe :)
  9. hopefully they are from a different chemist man... best of luck to you good sir
  10. dude those are straight up pipes and can land you in the hospital. There is a report on pillreports where someone went to the hopsital after a low dose of those.

    I seen them in NY (Long island), and they were just like that, and didnt test positive.

    If i were you, i would stay the hell away and go back to your dealer and get a legit pill or your money back. tell him to go suck it.

  11. man he aint guna end up in the hospital there is always a chance the pills are from a Diff Chemist ! jsut like the Transformers ! Good vibes his way
  12. He probably was carrying around the bag of those pills because he got those pills cheap and wanted to sell the pipes to re-up and buy whatever pills he wanted, he's probably not stupid.
  13. A good amount of ecstasy users will throw just about any pill down their throat, don't know what a pipe is and will just think their roll was "cocaine" based or "heroin" based.

    I have honestly never seen a group of drug users less educated than ecstasy users.

  14. the majority of E users i know are highly educated with pills and know what to take and what not to take ... every single one of the people i know have Test Kits, so next time you open your mouth you might want to just reconsider even speaking.
  15. well me and 2 friends did them last night(they both have done E before, me only molly capsules) and we all rolled face :) they is no way in hell this thing were pipes so I guess I got lucky but I already found a much better connect for next time, I love NY. These were def weaker pills and not the best rolls but they dd the job.
  16. glad to hear u had a good time and good to hear they werent pipes like most ppl thought :smoking:

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