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    I tried posting this in the sticky but nobody replied so I thought id make a thread,

    Hey all! Recently had to transplant a baby female into the ground to replace our male(too bad it was HUGE) and even after a couple days the female isnt doing so great in the ground, leaves are droopy and the color is off but my question is about these red lines that are on every fan leaf, what is this a sign of and is it bad?

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  2. Could be a variety of deficiencies or it could really be the strain. If it is not the strain, it could be Magnesium deficiency it is known to cause red stems. My stems are mad green but on the inside they are bright red. I picked up some CAMAG yesterday it should clear it up.
  3. Other people have told me that it may just be the strain but my other plants with the same genetics dont have this, and only after the transfer and the droopy leaves did the red lines start to show. Im still going to be sure to try that magnesium, thanks :)

    Anyone else have any thoughts on it?
  4. purpling of the stems is usually a sign of phosphorus deficiency. your plants can also turn purple when it is cold, because phosphorus is "locked out" at cold tempratures.

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