Red leaf edges and a different Plant with Yellowing

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  1. Hey guys, I have a few plants going at the time. I feel like I overwatered the plant in the first photo as the leaf tips are curling upward (aka canoeing?) and the leaf edges are turning red on a tun of the leafs, they look brittle but are not when I touch them, pretty much only happening at the higher leaves.

    The second picture is for a different plant that has yellowing and some brown spots on some of the leaves, I am thinking maybe nitrogen deficiency? This is most happening on lower leaves.

    These plants are a few weeks into flowering, I haven't had any issues til now, been using FF ferts, once I switched to flowering I am using 2tbsp big bloom, 1tbsp grow big, and 1.5 tbsp of tiger bloom in half gallon, fed about twice a week.

    Any ideas guys as to what I am doing wrong?


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  2. Whole-plant pics are usually necessary for a solid diagnosis.

    Big Bloom is a micronutrient supplement and shouldn't be the fertilizer you're using the most of.
  3. Thanks for the response....
    I am feeding them that regiment twice a day, I just cut off the affected leaves and we will see what happens, upped the nitrogen a bit for the yellowing leaf plant, looks like a nitrogen deficiency to me.

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