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Red Lava Rock

Discussion in 'Organic Growing' started by 6raygp, May 8, 2013.

  1. Would this product be safe for use and good for aeration/drainage?

    Vigoro 0.5 cu. ft. Decorative Stone Red Lava Rock

    I dont mind spending the extra money to get a similar "agriculture grade" product, would this be as good as pumice or perlite?(IMO probably better then perlite)
  2. Not as good as pumice CEC wise, but it's a solid aeration amendment. The red comes from the iron (oxide?) in it.

    You could probably source it cheaper via a landscape supplier, here it's somewhere around 15-20$ a cubic yard.
  3. landscape supplier's best.... I use lava.. goes good with rice hulls
    It makes for a good microbe/fungi home, I smash it down to about dime size with a hand sledgehammer [​IMG]
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  4. I can find that outside where i live lol
  5. I buy by the truck load from the PIT black or red works great and a little bit of straw too
  6. Im loving the results with this rather then perlite. Worlds better IMO.
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    How fine should I crush this stuff up? And would you guys approve of using this as a mulch just to help retain a constant level of moisture within the top layer of soil?
    Thanks! I just pick up a bag of this stuff a couple days ago from Lowes
  8. 1/2in down.. What size pot
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  9. I would put down a 1/2 in on the bottom and mix in about a 32oz cup with the soil and you will be happy.. 
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  10. Hey man, so I totally failed aat crushing the read lave rock!
    I put the bag in a pillow case an hit it with a hammer for maybe 5 minutes, to no avail.
    So my question is, how do you guys crush this stuff? I'm sure you don't use the rock regular sized right?
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  11. Whats the size? I get it by the truck load 3/4 minus 
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  12. The size of the lava rocks? About the size of walnuts most of them. There are some more fragmented pieces, but not enough in a the bag posted in the OP.
    On the plus side of me not being able to crush them, I think they'll make a great mulch and might go well in the bottom of your pots if you're into that..
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  13. I always put some in the pot then add more to my soil mix too
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  14. How do you add such big rocks to your soil mix?
  15. i just bought some of these in pebble form n added it to my mix, hoping to see some result. Only ways ive read to crush em are sledge hammer or running them over
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    Take a small maul (sledge) and smash them. Take it on some concrete, or anything harder than what you're breaking, and just give it a good go. Otherwise, there's always perlite, rice hulls, recycled silica, and other means of providing aeration to the soil.
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  17. Thanks Sir and Gimik.
    I literally hit the rock with a regular hammer for about 5-10 minutes and may have broken one of them!
    And I don't have a sledge so i'll have to get a hold of one.
    Until then I'll keep it in the reserves. And I am currently using perlite in my soil mix, but wanted to try an aeration amendment that wasn't totally inert, so I picked up some red lava rock.
    But thanks for for all you answers guys. Found what I was looking for!
    If your looking for something that isn't inert I suggest finding hulls of any kind (Barley-Wheat-Rye-Rice), brew stores and such will carry them.
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    I set them in a pillow case in the street placed a piece of sheet metal down and had a friend run them over in his truck 2-3 times. Not so much green friendly but calorie conservative fasho. 
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